Vitamin K — Health Professional Fact Sheet Vitamin K promotes blood clotting and as such is an antagonist against blood thinning, anticoagulant, drugs like Thrombophlebitis und Vitamin K. Foods such as leafy green vegetables and soy bean oils as high in Vitamin K, perhaps best avoided or reduced during periods of phlebitis.

Varizen Vitamin K

These compounds include phylloquinone vitamin K1 and a series of menaquinones vitamin K2 [ 2 ]. Menaquinones have unsaturated isoprenyl side chains and are designated as MK-4 through MK, based on the length of their side chain [ 12 ].

Phylloquinone is present primarily in green leafy vegetables and is the main dietary form of vitamin K [ 3 ]. Menaquinones, which are predominantly of bacterial origin, are present in modest amounts Krampfadern Beine Fieber various animal-based and fermented foods [ 14 ]. Almost all menaquinones, in particular the long-chain menaquinones, are also produced by bacteria in the human gut [ 56 ].

MK-4 is unique in that it is produced by the body from phylloquinone via a conversion process that does not involve bacterial action [ 7 ]. Vitamin K functions as a coenzyme for vitamin K-dependent carboxylase, an enzyme required for the synthesis Varizen Vitamin K proteins involved in hemostasis blood Varizen Vitamin K and bone Varizen Vitamin K, and other diverse physiological functions [ 35 ].

Prothrombin clotting factor II is a vitamin K-dependent protein in plasma that is directly involved in blood clotting. For this reason, individuals who are taking these anticoagulants need Varizen Vitamin K maintain consistent vitamin K intakes.

Matrix Gla-protein, a vitamin K-dependent protein present in vascular smooth muscle, bone, and cartilage, is the focus of considerable scientific research because it might help reduce abnormal calcification [ 9 ]. Osteocalcin is another vitamin K-dependent protein that is present in bone and may be involved in bone mineralization or turnover [ 5 ].

Like dietary lipids Varizen Vitamin K other fat-soluble vitamins, ingested vitamin K is incorporated into mixed micelles via the action of bile and pancreatic enzymes, click at this page it is absorbed by enterocytes of the small intestine [ 10 ].

From there, vitamin K is incorporated into chylomicrons, secreted into the lymphatic capillaries, transported to the liver, and repackaged into very low-density lipoproteins [ 210 ]. Varizen Vitamin K K is present in the liver and other body tissues, including the brain, heart, pancreas, and bone [ 2311 ].

In the circulation, vitamin K is Varizen Vitamin K mainly in lipoproteins [ 2 ]. Compared to the other fat-soluble vitamins, very small amounts of Varizen Vitamin K K circulate in the blood. Vitamin K is rapidly metabolized and excreted. This rapid metabolism accounts for vitamin K's relatively Varizen Vitamin K blood levels and tissue stores compared to those of the other fat-soluble vitamins [ 11 ]. Little is known about the absorption and transport of vitamin K produced Varizen Vitamin K gut bacteria, but research indicates that substantial quantities of long-chain menaquinones are present in the large Varizen Vitamin K [ 7 ].

Although the amount of vitamin K that the body obtains in this manner is unclear, experts believe that these menaquinones satisfy at least some of the body's requirement for vitamin K [ 67 ]. In most cases, vitamin K Varizen Vitamin K is not routinely assessed, Varizen Vitamin K in individuals who take anticoagulants or have bleeding disorders.

The only clinically significant indicator of vitamin K status is prothrombin time the time it takes for blood to clotand ordinary changes in vitamin K intakes have rarely been shown to alter prothrombin time [ 5 ]. In healthy people, fasting concentrations of phylloquinone in plasma have been reported to range from 0. However, it Varizen Vitamin K not clear whether this measure can be used to quantitatively assess vitamin K Varizen Vitamin K. People with plasma phylloquinone concentrations slightly below the normal range have no clinical indications of vitamin K deficiency, possibly because plasma phylloquinone concentrations do not measure the contribution of menaquinones from the diet and the large bowel [ 12 ].

No data on normal ranges of menaquinones are available [ 2 ]. DRI is the general term for a set of reference values used for planning and assessing nutrient intakes of healthy people. These values, which vary by age and gender, include:. Table 1 lists the current AIs for vitamin K in micrograms mcg. The AIs for infants are based on the calculated mean vitamin K intake of healthy breastfed infants and the assumption that infants receive prophylactic vitamin K at birth as recommended by American and Canadian pediatric societies [ 3 ].

Food sources of phylloquinone include vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, and some fruits. Meat, dairy foods, and eggs contain low levels of phylloquinone but modest amounts of menaquinones Varizen Vitamin K 4 ]. Natto a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans has high amounts of menaquinones [ 113 ].

Other fermented foods, such as cheese, also contain menaquinones. However, the forms and amounts of vitamin K in these more info likely vary depending Varizen Vitamin K the bacterial strains used to make the foods and their fermentation conditions [ 14 ].

Animals synthesize MK-4 from menadione a synthetic form of vitamin K that can be used in poultry and swine feed [ Varizen Vitamin K ]. Thus, Varizen Vitamin K and pork products contain MK-4 if menadione is added to the animal feed [ 1414 ]. The most common sources of vitamin K in the U.

Few foods are fortified Varizen Vitamin K vitamin K [ 5 ]; breakfast cereals are not typically fortified with vitamin K, although some meal replacement shakes and bars are. Data on the bioavailability of different forms of vitamin K from food are very limited [ 1 ].

Phylloquinone in plant foods is tightly bound to chloroplasts, so it is less bioavailable than that from oils or dietary supplements [ 1 ]. Consuming vegetables at the same time as some Varizen Vitamin K improves phylloquinone absorption from the vegetables, but the amount absorbed is still lower than that from oils.

Limited research suggests that long-chain MKs may have higher absorption rates than phylloquinone from green vegetables Varizen Vitamin K 7 ]. Several food sources of vitamin K are listed in Table 2. All values in this table are for phylloquinone content, except when otherwise indicated, because food composition data for menaquinones are limited [ 1 ].

DVs were developed by the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA to help consumers compare the nutrient contents of Varizen Vitamin K within the context Aufladen mit Krampfadern während der Schwangerschaft a total diet. The DV for vitamin K is 80 mcg for adults and children age 4 Varizen Vitamin K older.

However, the FDA does not require food labels to list Varizen Vitamin K K content unless a food has been Varizen Vitamin K with this nutrient. Department of Agriculture's USDA's Nutrient Database website [ 16 ] lists the nutrient content of many foods and provides Varizen Vitamin K lists of foods containing vitamin K phylloquinone Varizen Vitamin K by nutrient content and by food nameand of Varizen Vitamin K containing vitamin K MK-4 arranged by nutrient content and food name.

Several forms of vitamin K are used in dietary supplements, including vitamin K1 as phylloquinone or phytonadione a synthetic form of vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 as Varizen Vitamin K or MK-7 [ 17 ].

Few data are available on the relative Varizen Vitamin K of the various forms of vitamin K supplements. One study found that both phytonadione and Varizen Vitamin K supplements are well absorbed, but MK-7 Varizen Vitamin K Salbe das Krampfadern mit besser ist longer half-life [ 18 ].

Varizen Vitamin K, which is sometimes called "vitamin K3," Varizen Vitamin K another synthetic form of vitamin K. It was shown to damage hepatic cells in laboratory studies conducted during the s and s, so it is no longer used in dietary supplements or fortified foods [ 3 ].

In adults aged 20 and older, the average daily vitamin K intake from Varizen Vitamin K is Varizen Vitamin K for women and mcg for men. Varizen Vitamin K both Varizen Vitamin K and supplements are considered, the average daily vitamin K intake increases to mcg for women and mcg for men.

The significance of these findings is unclear because the AI is only an estimate of need, especially for vitamins like vitamin K that are also synthesized endogenously. Moreover, reports of vitamin K deficiency in adults are very rare [ 37 ].

Finally, food composition databases provide information primarily on phylloquinone; menaquinones—either dietary or from bacterial production in the gut—likely also contribute to vitamin K status [ 167 ]. Vitamin K deficiency is only considered clinically relevant when prothrombin time increases significantly due to a decrease in the prothrombin activity of Varizen Vitamin K [ 37 ].

Thus, bleeding and hemorrhage are the classic signs of vitamin K deficiency, although these effects occur only in severe cases. Because vitamin K is required for the carboxylation of osteocalcin in bone, vitamin K deficiency could also reduce bone mineralization and contribute to osteoporosis [ 22 ].

Vitamin K deficiency can occur during the first few weeks of infancy due to low placental transfer of phylloquinone, low clotting factor levels, and low vitamin K content of breast milk [ 7 ]. Clinically significant vitamin K deficiency in adults is very rare and is usually limited to people with malabsorption disorders or those taking drugs that interfere with vitamin K metabolism [ 3Varizen Vitamin K ].

In healthy people consuming a varied diet, achieving a vitamin K intake low enough to alter standard clinical measures of blood coagulation is almost impossible [ 3 ]. Vitamin K transport across the placenta is poor, increasing the risk of vitamin K deficiency in newborn babies [ 3 ].

During the first few Varizen Vitamin K of life, vitamin K deficiency can cause vitamin K deficiency bleeding VKDBa condition formerly known as "classic hemorrhagic disease of the newborn. People with malabsorption syndromes and other gastrointestinal disorders, Varizen Vitamin K as cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, and short bowel syndrome, might not absorb vitamin K properly [ 3522 ].

Vitamin K status can also be low in Varizen Vitamin K who have undergone bariatric surgery, although clinical signs may not be present [ 25 ]. These Varizen Vitamin K might need monitoring of vitamin K status and, in some cases, vitamin K Varizen Vitamin K. This section focuses on two conditions in which vitamin K might play a role: Osteoporosis, a disorder characterized by porous and fragile bones, is a serious public Varizen Vitamin K problem that affects more than 10 million U.

Consuming adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, especially throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, is important to maximize bone mass and reduce the risk of Varizen Vitamin K [ 26 ]. The effect of vitamin K intakes and status on bone health and osteoporosis has been a focus of scientific research. Vitamin K is a cofactor for the gamma-carboxylation of many proteins, including osteocalcin, one of the main proteins in bone [ 27 ]. Some research indicates that high serum levels of undercarboxylated osteocalcin are associated with lower bone mineral density [ 527 ].

Although vitamin K is involved in the carboxylation of osteocalcin, it is unclear whether supplementation with any form of vitamin K reduces the risk of osteoporosis. InCockayne and colleagues conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of read more controlled trials that examined the effects of vitamin K supplementation on bone mineral density and bone fracture [ 34 ].

Most of the trials were conducted in Varizen Vitamin K and involved postmenopausal women; trial duration ranged from 6 to 36 months. Thirteen trials were included in the systematic review, and 12 showed that supplementation with either phytonadione or MK-4 improved bone mineral density. Seven of the 13 trials also had fracture data that were combined in a meta-analysis. MK-4 supplementation significantly reduced rates Varizen Vitamin K hip fractures, vertebral fractures, and all nonvertebral fractures.

Other randomized clinical trials since the review by Cockayne et al. In Varizen Vitamin K of these studies, postmenopausal women received either 1 mg phylloquinone, 45 mg MK-4, or placebo daily for 12 months [ 37 ]. All participants also received daily supplements Varizen Vitamin K mg calcium and IU vitamin D3.

At the end of the study, participants receiving either phylloquinone or MK-4 had significantly lower levels of undercarboxylated osteocalcin compared to those receiving placebo.

However, there were no significant differences in bone mineral density of the lumbar spine or proximal femur among any of the treatment groups. In Japan and other parts of Asia, a pharmacological dose of MK-4 45 mg is used as a treatment for osteoporosis [ 5 ]. The European Food Safety Authority has approved a health claim for vitamin K, noting that "a cause and effect relationship has been established between the dietary intake of vitamin K and the maintenance of normal bone" [ 38 ].

Vascular calcification is one of the risk Varizen Vitamin K for coronary heart disease because it reduces aortic and arterial elasticity [ 39 ]. Matrix Gla-protein MGP is a vitamin K-dependent protein that may play a role in the prevention of vascular calcification [ 540 ]. Although the full biological function of MGP is unclear, a hypothesis based on animal data suggests that inadequate vitamin K status leads to undercarboxylated MGP, which could increase vascular calcification and the risk of coronary heart disease.

These findings might be particularly relevant for patients with chronic kidney disease because their rates of vascular calcification are much higher than those of the general population [ 9 ]. In an observational study conducted in the Netherlands in postmenopausal women, dietary menaquinone but not phylloquinone intake was read more associated with coronary calcification [ 41 ].

Menaquinone intake was also inversely associated with severe aortic calcification in a prospective, population-based cohort study involving 4, men and women aged 55 years and older from the Netherlands [ 40 ]. Participants in this study who had dietary menaquinone intakes Varizen Vitamin K the mid Varizen Vitamin K Phylloquinone intake Varizen Vitamin K no effect on any outcome.

Despite these data, few trials have investigated the effects of vitamin K supplementation on click calcification or coronary heart disease risk.

Vitamin K promotes blood clotting and as such is an antagonist against blood thinning, anticoagulant, drugs like Thrombophlebitis und Vitamin K. Foods such as leafy green vegetables and soy bean oils as high in Vitamin K, perhaps best avoided or reduced during periods of phlebitis.

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Symptome, Behandlung, Ursachen, Vorbeugung - krampfadern-group. Behandlung von Krampfadern Vitamin K Thrombose: Ursachen, Therapien und Vorbeugung Apotheken Umschau. Vitamin-K-Mangel Varizen Vitamin K Symptome krampfadern-group. Behandlung von Krampfadern Vitamin K.

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Vitamin K promotes blood clotting and as such is an antagonist against blood thinning, anticoagulant, drugs like Thrombophlebitis und Vitamin K. Foods such as leafy green vegetables and soy bean oils as high in Vitamin K, perhaps best avoided or reduced during periods of phlebitis.
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Vitamin K promotes blood clotting and as such is an antagonist against blood thinning, anticoagulant, drugs like Thrombophlebitis und Vitamin K. Foods such as leafy green vegetables and soy bean oils as high in Vitamin K, perhaps best avoided or reduced during periods of phlebitis.
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